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About Us

For over a decade, PatientEXP has been defining Healthcare enterprise communication.
We are passionate about the power of intelligent communication to improve Healthcare.
Measuring Success

PatientEXP by the Numbers

25M+ Patient Families Reached

We automate wide outreach without being robotic or annoying. Patients and their families love us because we provide them with timely and relevant information they actually need & want.

1% Opt-Out Rate

Patients can opt-out at any time, but 99% of the time they don’t. That’s a testament to our ability to craft timely and relevant communication campaigns that patients find helpful and welcoming.

5M+ Messages Per Month

As long as the information you’re communicating is useful, timely, and relevant, it’s welcome. We are experts at helping you strike the right balance.

250+ Use Cases

With our experience deploying hundreds of use cases across a wide variety of Healthcare customers, there’s no limit to the tactical and strategic goals you can address.


Meet the Team

PatientEXP is led by an experienced team of leaders who have been driving the evolution of technology in Healthcare for decades.

Archie Cobbs

Founder & CEO

Archie is a technology nerd who loves building products that serve real humans. After receiving his Ph.D. in Computer Science and working for several years in Silicon Valley, he returned to Birmingham and has since helped lead various startups including Awarix before founding PatientEXP.

Wes Jones

SVP of Customer Success
Wes makes sure that customers get happy and stay that way. He has 25+ years of experience in Healthcare. In the past he as worked in various operational roles for Sungard, Emageon, Awarix, McKesson, and Stanley Healthcare (AeroScout).

Jon Tulloch

SVP of Business Development
Jon will convince you why every Healthcare enterprise needs first class communication and will show you how PatientEXP provides exactly that. Jon has over 25 years of experience in Healthcare. Previously he has worked for Awarix, Accelarad, and Vincari.

Noel Gartman

Strategic Advisor
Noel has an all-seeing eye in Healthcare, with 40 years of experience. He was a founder of Emageon and has guided many companies in their marketing efforts and strategic relationships over the years.

First Class Communication

Find out why it’s no longer optional in Healthcare.


Staff members like being able to trigger pre-defined messages to specific patients through the system. They use this function a lot!