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Addressing the Communication
Gaps in Healthcare

Guide Patients and Families for Optimized Care

What Our Customers Are Saying

We have created a great process to connect our people with the community and address their needs once they leave the hospital.

Staff members like being able to trigger pre-defined messages to specific patients through the system. They use this function a lot!

As far as vendors go, PatientEXP is wonderful to deal with. They are great at making things happen, even on the same day if we need it fast.

We had to close a bunch of clinics during the hard freeze that hit Texas. PatientEXP was invaluable for notifying all of the affected patients.

We use it for practically everything. We have 60+ use cases and send over a million messages each month.

We have found we are in the single digits instead of 20% heart patients re-admitting.

Our patients and their families really appreciate us keeping them in the loop.

We use PatientEXP to communicate automatically, but the system also hands off to a human when needed.

Surveys are so much easier for people on their smart phones. We get more responses.

We couldn’t have survived Covid without PatientEXP.

    We Build Solutions

    We consult with customers at a high level to address a wide variety of tactical and strategic goals using our experience deploying highly sophisticated, agile and intelligent communication campaigns.
    Addressing Strategic Goals

    Customer Wins

    Good communication doesn’t just improve patient experience. It solves real problems.

    50% Drop in
    Radiology No-Shows

    PatientEXP helped a large imaging center cut no-shows in half. It’s a lot more than just appointment reminders – we addressed everything from proper per-modality prep instructions to demystifying a confusing parking situation with guided video instructions.

    25% Increase in Urgent Care Visits vs. ED

    In a large health system with newly acquired Urgent Care clinics, PatientEXP identified and targeted high frequency, low severity ED visitors to let them know they had a better option in their neighborhood. Urgent Care visits increased 25% vs. ED visits. In the end, everyone wins.

    30% of Portal Activations

    PatientEXP smashed a health system’s goals for portal adoption by messaging patients at the right time – just after their visit. As a result, portal activation increased dramatically with 30% of all activations originating from PatientEXP.

    50% Reduction in CHF Readmits

    A large hostpital was getting dinged for congestive heart failure (CHF) readmits within 30 days. PatientEXP built an automated interactive monitoring & compliance protocol with human hand-off for patients deemed at risk of complications. The result was a 50% drop in CHF readmits.

    Where Are the Gaps?

    How It Works

    Enterprise Communication

    Designed exclusively for Healthcare communication, PatientEXP’s PCOM Enterprise Communication Platform is a dedicated and unified communication channel with your patients and their families. Our specialists manage the system to deploy solutions that achieve your goals.

    • SMS Text Message
    • MMS Multimedia
    • Voice Calls
    • Email
    • No App Required – Keep it Simple!

    System Design

    Power and Flexibility

    PatientEXP’s PCOM Enterprise Communication Platform has the proven power and flexibility to incorporate data from any source and address virtually any use case. You tell us what you need and we will make it happen.

    Operational Excellence

    We Integrate With Anybody

    PatientEXP has 15+ years of Healthcare integration experience. If the data is available, we can build it into your communication campaign. We can also track, report, and export results.

    • Epic

    • Cerner

    • Other EHRs

    • Salesforce

    • Qualtrics

    • HL7

    • [S]FTP

    • HTTP[S]/REST

    Ready to Learn More?

    “We have created a great process to connect our people with the community and address their needs once they leave the hospital.”

    Randy Granata, RN
    Ascension St. Vincent’s Birmingham

    BhamNow 11/09/2020