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Designed for Health Systems, PatientEXP's Digital Health Guide allows SMS text to serve as user interface to a better experience for Patients and their Families.

No apps, no complications, no special sauce. Just plain simple text (or voice and email if necessary) to inform, nudge, guide and satisfy the patient/consumer, as well as to give an entire health system a smart, highly automated way to reach many of its strategic goals like reducing cost, creating loyalty, and improving outcomes.

Unlike in other industries, in Healthcare there is a massive "firehose" of Healthcare information streaming 24/7. The computer science behind our Digital Health Guide allows us to listen to billions of unspoken conversation snippets and understand when to provide convenient, personalized, trusted guidance. The way to get consumers to change behavior is to be extremely convenient, highly relevant and worthy of their trust. Digital Health Guide is engineered to help you do just that.

Digital Health Guide acts like an experienced, private butler. Patients know where to go, what to do, how they need to prepare, how to comply, when action needs to be taken and what to change.

Patients get a complete “itinerary” of all the system-wide appointments, relevant clinical content, directions, reminders, wait-times and clinical and financial prep, all personalized and perfectly timed. Automated conversations include “welcoming,” thanking, expectation setting, and avoiding waiting room dissatisfaction. In fact, the whole family can enjoy knowing what’s going on. Not to mention, creating outstanding post encounter and post-acute care experiences. Snow day closings, asthma alerts...with the Digital Health Guide platform there’s an infinite number of use cases.

With Digital Health Guide you can easily weave population health and other predictive analytics into the fabric of interaction.

Continuously improve all these efforts using the built-in behavior modification and experiment engine. Test and verify every patient interaction using randomly controlled experiments in order to know the best way to refine how, what and when to communicate.

Digital Health Guide listens to the massive volume of health system data, creates a highly utilized and trusted patient conversation channel, leverages it to achieve strategic goals and measures the results to optimize that channel.

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